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Welcome to the Packard Farms Website
Due to some recent health issues I will not be growing any garlic for the next
couple of years.  I want to thank all my customers that have supported me over
the years.  When I come back I may specialize in just three varieties, who knows
that's how I started and it grew from there.

I currently offer eight varieties of hard neck garlic, not including one new one,  
Russian Giant.  This will be very limited next year.  Russian Giant, for a Rocombole
it produces big heads with 6 to 8 cloves.  I like to add varieties when they fill a
niche.  New varieties must be a good producer, demonstrate disease resistance,
withstand dryer climatic growing conditions, and have a good fit in the kitchen.  
It's all part of being sustainable.  Click
Varieties to see more.

If you are interested in getting most out of your soil for growing great garlic,
please check out my
Growing Info page.
My Pledge
I understand how the consumer’s food is grown, both conventionally and
organically.  My garlic is like organic but without all the government intervention,
and in many ways better.  Why?  Because I start with
organic seed stock and I
grow it in an environmentally responsible way.  I
NEVER use pesticide sprays on
my garlic and that includes those that are listed for organic use.  I use solar
energy for pumping water for irrigation which makes my carbon footprint very
low.  And finally, I use a micro drip system that puts water where the roots are
without leaching valuable nutrients beyond the reach of the garlic plants.  This
keeps the water away from the weeds between the beds.  Those are just a few
reasons why I believe my garlic is better than organic.
Who I am
Stewardship and sustainability of the soil is very important to me just as it has
been to my family since 1903, as evidence by the length of time in which our family
has been farming the same soil.  Read more history on the
About Us page.  I
intend that this micro-farm can inspire a new wave of growers that can learn that
farming doesn't have to be thousands of acres or require investing hundreds of
thousands of dollars.
 Packard Farms is located NW of Ritzville, Washington.
  • Our family has been farming in the
    Ritzville area since 1889
  • We have farmed the same soil
    since 1903
  • We have demonstrated
    sustainability and stewardship for
    more than a century
Welcome to Packard Farms
Gourmet Garlic and Raw Honey
The Packard Elevator is all that is left of the former
town of Packard.
The 2013 crop taken April 7th.
Rod Heimbigner
Packard Farms